Opekta bottle




These authentic Opekta bottles were produced by Otto Franks business that operated from the building (Prinsengracht 263, Amsterdam) where the family hid during the Nazi Occupation.

The Opekta company was based in Cologne when Otto Frank, then residing in Germany, was appointed to aid their expansion into The Netherlands. Frank had considered moving his family there after the election of Adolf Hitler and the rise of Nazism, so he accepted the post and moved alone to Amsterdam to find accommodation for his family and premises for the company. He had briefly managed a large rival firm, Pomosin, which traded pectin to factories from the Dutch town of Utrecht but decided that retail trade would be more lucrative in the Dutch market than wholesale. His franchise for the Amsterdam branch of Opekta was established in September 1933.

Otto Frank became director of the Opekta company since 1933. He was in charge of the manufacturing and distribution of the pectin-based gelling preparations, to be used in jam making. Until early 1940, the company was located at Singel 400 in Amsterdam. The company then moved to Prinsengracht 263. The offices were held in both the front and the back of the house. In 1942, the Frank family went into hiding on the top floors of the famous Secret Annex. Anne Frank had posters of Opekta in her room in the Secret Attic.

The bottles are still in a really great condition. On both sides of the bottle it reads in embossed letters “OPEKTA”. Height: 18.5 cm.


Product information:

  • 100% authentic WW2 Opekta bottle
  • Contains a clear manufacturer stamp
  • Used and lost on a WW2 battleground
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Varying (pre-)war production years
  • Dug up by Chris himself



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Opekta bottle